Frequently Asked Questions

How To Work With A Collections Agency?

In collections, time is of the essence. The sooner you turn over an account to Corporate Collections, the more likely you will recover the debt. The longer a debt remains outstanding, the more difficult it will be to recover the money owed as companies move, change ownership, or simply go out of business.

Industries We Serve

Our clients span many diverse industries, including: Media Outlets and Publications Private Colleges and Technical Schools Medical Supply Dental Supply Security and Surveillance Service Equipment Rental Construction-related companies And many other business-to-business companies nationwide.

Who Can Put a Lien Out?

Any licensed contractor that is providing a service or work to improve a project.

Why Work With A Collection Agency?

Collecting delinquent accounts from a customer can be time consuming. But utilizing our services, you are able to focus on running your company and not the hassle of dealing with past due receivables. Corporate Collections provides monthly status reports so that you can monitor the progress and recovery of your accounts.

How old can a debt be for me to still collect?

Each state has a different statute of limitation. In order for us to accurately answer that question, we would need to know certain specifics of the debt. For the most accurate answer, it's best to give us a call so we can discuss that with you.

When Does a Lien Expire?

After six months.