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Best Debt Collection Agency

Our staff of trained collectors provides professional and personalized debt recovery service nationwide to both small businesses and large corporations.

Professional Debt collectors

We take the hassle out of dealing with delinquent accounts. Service and results are the guiding principles of our agency and we are dedicated to recovering your company’s hard-earned dollars.

Contingency Collections Services

Putting Corporate Collections to work for you is risk-free. We work on contingency – which means we don’t get paid until you do.


We’ve been in the debt recovery business for 35 years and our clients benefit from that depth of knowledge. Our clients include equipment rental companies, major media publications, security monitoring services, medical and dental supply companies, and construction-related businesses. In collections, time is of the essence. The sooner you turn over an account to Corporate Collections, the more likely you will recover the debt. The longer a debt remains outstanding, the more difficult it will be to recover the money owed as companies move, change ownership, or simply go out of business. Learn how utilizing a professional collection agency can benefit your business – contact us today at (888) 345-2500 or fill out the request for more information.

Experience the Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using Corporate Collections International as your debt collection agency of choice:

  • Excellent recovery rates
  • No collections, no fees
  • All accounts are handled by experienced collectors and when needed attorneys who specialize only in collections.
  • Prompt remittance of money collected
  • Separate trust account kept for all monies collected on client’s behalf Extensive databases of public records used for skip tracing.
  • Progress reports provided on all accounts
    Updates from collector assigned to account available upon request.
  • Company performance analysis reports provided.
  • National network of attorneys
    Licensed, bonded and insured

Get Back What's Rightfully Yours!

Un-collectables do nothing but hurt your business. You could have thousands of dollars added back into your bank account. No matter what industry you are in or where your company does business, our staff of professionals will work diligently to recover bad debt and increase your company’s bottom line.

Franchisor looking for fast recovery of past due royalties and other fees

Corporate Collections International franchisor clients  count on our firm for fast recovery of past due royalties and other fees owed by franchisees who have been removed from active status and are no longer operating the franchised business (“inactive franchisees “)  and or unpaid judgment claims that our franchisor clients  have been  awarded against inactive franchisees .   

Perhaps more than any industry we serve , our team’s consistent , exceptional performance in the franchise industry truly demonstrates  our expertise at successfully negotiating resolutions to  past due royalty / other fees  obligations owed by inactive franchisees ,  which results in a “ shock wave “  among our franchisor clients’   active  franchisees to  pay timely , as it is well known in the franchise community that inactive franchisees are in  constant  direct communication with active franchisees .   

It is well known that the franchise industry has been severely  impacted by the worldwide pandemic and our franchisor clients greatly  appreciate our team’s ability to augment our efforts consistent with ever-dynamic objectives to stabilizing our franchisor clients ‘  AR cash -flow.

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